BTS from Stop Motion Video of Unboxing

I would like to share some photos of behind the scenes from stop motion production we did for Flying Connected a while ago.

So, one day I received a call from a company asking to create  a stop motion video of their product packaging process. Company is a leader in iPad Rentals for events.

After paper work was finished we started our preparations. On Friday, we contacted our talent Francy Morales to be actress in the unboxing video. Then, we loaded our van with all needed lighting and camera equipment and headed to clients office. It was summer and humidity was very high that day. We grabbed a big pack of water as shooting was expected to be several hours. Stop motion videos are very time consuming projects. While shooting stop motion video you have to plan all your steps ahead. As, there is no chance to do any changes once shooting is started.

After arrival and discussing details with clients we started to setup our lights and making notes on shooting order of the products. My assistant Emma is very helpful in these things, she would carefully clean all products and write down the orders. She is so good that sometimes I want to delegate the shooting process to her as well )).

Finally, we began to shoot. Francy was unpacking all boxes one by one while we were capturing the whole process.  Entire shooting has lasted for about 4 full of fun hours and resulted in 1200 images. 🙂

After shooting was complete we sent all our images to our editor Khan to produce a stop motion video from all images and apply background music.

And here are final results.

In case you have questions regarding shooting stop motion video, do not hesitate to ask in comments section.