Privacy Policy

We really value your privacy. This notice explains how we operate online in terms of information, and how you can determine the way in which others collect and use your information. The notice applies to all information available on the ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY website. The only personal information we use is your name, email address, and telephone number that you provide.

We do not collect or have any access to your credit card or bank information. Our processing center is Quickbooks. The personal information we get from you will help us to communicate with you. After taking your photographs, it will assist us in liaising with you about your photographs as well as other products and services.

After placing order with us we may request your mailing address to send you an invoice. It will also smooth any transactions with ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY. We would never share, or use for other purposes, any of your personal information. That information is strictly for our mutual benefit.

By contacting us you give us consent to send you marketing emails and promotional content over email. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can rest assured that we take all the necessary steps to prevent unauthorized access to your data, in accordance with the law. We have stringent procedures in place to protect and safeguard all online information.

If you spot any errors in your personal information, please send us a note explaining the error(s). Your privacy is a priority for us. To protect it we take all reasonable actions to check your identity before making any amendments to your personal data. If, for any reason, any of your personal online information is ever misused, please contact us and we will put things right. Our email:

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please call us on (201) 343-4359 or email us: