Fashion Photography Clothing, Accessories & Shoes

400+ Models, Super Fast Turnaround
Layflats, Lifestyle Editorials, Videos

Fashion Photography Clothing, Accessories & Shoes

400+ Models, Super Fast Turnaround
Layflats, Lifestyle Editorials, Videos

Layflat eComs,
Models Shots or
Fashion Editorials

fashion photography street in manhattan Soho, NY. Girl in red dress
Fashion editorial portrait of a model in a dynamic pose, illuminated by dramatic green and pink lighting. The model's expression is intense and focused, with a sharp gaze into the camera. He is dressed in a futuristic, metallic silver coat with an upturned collar that reflects the vivid lighting, creating a holographic effect on the fabric. The background's deep purple and pink shades enhance the avant-garde and stylish atmosphere of the photo, typical of high-end fashion photography.
Lifestyle lingerie clothing photoshoot with female model by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Creative clothing photography fashion photography on a hanger by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Fashion Photography for clothing and fashion looks
Fashion Photography male model prism filter effect

Fashion Photo & Video Session

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Book a session for:

  • eCom lay-flats
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Fashion Editorials
  • Advertising Shots
  • Fashion Videos

Need a model?

Pick a model from a network of 400+ Freelancers

fashion photography female model jumping
Shoes commercial photography, tan leather shoes on a gray background
A fashion editorial portrait of a model exuding confidence with a shaved head, dramatic red and yellow makeup, and vibrant red lips. The model is dressed in an avant-garde red ruffled outfit, striking a poised pose against a saturated orange backdrop, epitomizing the bold and transformative essence of high fashion."
Beauty shot of a female white model posing to show her dress on a rooftop in New York by commercial photographer Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Commercial footwear product shot on a overhead angle and on a white background by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Apparel photoshoot on a hanger and white background by Isa Aydin nj ny la
Fashion Photography
fashion photography editorial. Make model in fur and girl in a dress with black and white stripes.

Advantages of session-based shoots


  • All content taken during the session is delivered
  • Direct Your Own Shoot
  • No creative limit! eCom, Lifestyles, Fashion Editorials
  • Any type of content – Photos, Videos, GIFs
  • True-To-Life Color Accuracy
  • Raw images and videos are provided upon request

Included in the price

  • Studio, Photo & Video gear, and Photography Crew
  • Advanced lighting system
  • Indefinite Usage Rights for eCommerce

Talk to Photographer!

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Maria Garcia
We loved working with Isa and his team! Very pleased with the results of the photoshoot.Looking forward for the future projects! Highly recommended!!!
Shawn Wood
Isa Aydin and Francy does great work and has A1 Customer Service.Will be using them again for my small business pictures.
anthony fernandez
Excellent customer service! I recently had photos taken for my Amazon product listing and they came out excellent! I highly recommend ISA AYDIN for product photos. Francy, who helped me through the entire process was very patient and asked me very detailed questions so I can get the best quality photos to match my ideas. I will definitely continue to use them for future product photos and projects.
damiano senatore
I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks for Isa Aydin & Co for their consistent professionalism , flexibility and creativity. We started by simply seeking out product photography and , their expertise and guidance, ended with Beautiful images that could be used as works of art. The team’s patience and understanding is comforting and reassuring and bolstered by their masterful skills. I would recommend this business to any and everyone who is seeking out commercial product photography and look forward to being able to work together again soon.
Paris San Diego
Just have to say what a great decision it was to hire ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY for my product photos. They far exceeded my expectations and best of all, Isa and Francy were very knowledgeable and provided great suggestions on what to do, which kept me from making big decision mistakes. When you feel comfortable with the people you're trusting your products with, it's one less thing you have to worry about as a business owner and all you have to do is sit back and relax in anticipation of the finished images, which came out so good that it makes me want to buy my own product. Additionally, my original plan included bringing one of my own models but when she backed out last minute, Francy stepped in and it worked out even better as planned as she should've been the first choice to begin with. With the product about to launch, I can't wait to come back for the second campaign, which will include videos and then again after that for a new product launch. If you're still reading this review, which you should be, what are you waiting for? Call them now. Unless you have a competing product to mine. In that case, please go and hire a really bad photographer. :)
Anne Cajigas
Pleasure to deal with. Nice interpretation of project. Pleased with results.
Enis Kilic
Just deliver your product and relax. You will receive high quality, fast selling photos.You will not regret.
Paradox Jewlz
ISA AYDIN was a pleasure to work with. I got exactly what I was looking; They provided high quality product photos that look wonderful on my website. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for great product photography.
Semra J. Amiraslan
Great cosmetics photographer and very creative team. My beauty products look amazing. Placing another order for product videos very soon!

What We Do

We offer clothing, shoes and fashion accessories photography.

If you’ve been operating under the assumption that you need just a few high-quality images to sell your product, you may be surprised to hear that the average number of images used by top-selling companies is eight. When a potential customer can’t see an item in person, feel the material, or try a piece of clothing on, good fashion photography is invaluable. We offer the following types of content:

  • Photos (Layflats, Shots with models, Editorials, Fashion Sessions)
  • Videos (promotional videos and eCom Videos)
  • GIFs (Stop Motion)

What We Shoot

You’ve probably tried your hand at photography while focusing on your main expertise—selling. But to really boost your sales, it’s crucial to leave the photography to professionals.

Great photos are essential for an eCommerce business, especially in fashion photography. While it’s tempting to cut costs on apparel photography or delay hiring professionals, it’s worth reconsidering.

  • Dresses / Maxi Dresses / Suits
  • Shorts / Sweatpants / Capri Pants
  • Leggings / Lingerie
  • Jeans / Skirts / Mini Skirts
  • Cardigans / Denim Jackets
  • Polo Shirts / Blazers / T-Shirts / Blouses / Sweaters / Hoodies / Turtlenecks
  • Crop Tops / Tank Tops

Setting your Business Apart with Professional Clothing Photography

If you run a clothing company, you know there’s a lot of competition out there. Quality photographs of your apparel products taken in a fashion photography studio can set your merchandise apart. This will help you create the reputation you’ve been looking for and strengthen your brand image.

While taking photos may seem straightforward, numerous factors must be considered to create the best photos for your products. A strong concept, creative brief and a team with necessary skills are essential for successful fashion photography session. However, many other technical and creative factors contribute to getting the best possible pictures.

For the sake of your eCommerce business, hiring professional fashion photographers should be an integral part of your business plan. At ISA AYDIN Commercial Product Photography, we know it’s important to show your products in their best light. We offer various clothing photography techniques to help you achieve the branding look you’re after. Not sure what technique will suit your business and merchandise best? Here are a few of the clothing photography backgrounds and approaches we use most frequently.

eCom Photography of Fashion Accessories and Shoes

eCom Photography on a white background is essential for selling on any eCommerce platform. We offer this straightforward type of shot because it showcases your product in its full glory, free from distractions. While being a requirement accross all eCom platforms, a clean white background highlights the details and quality of your apparel, making it easy for customers to focus on the product itself. This type of shoot is also ideal for photographing shoes, fashion accessories, and other merchandise, ensuring that all your products are presented in the best possible light.

Flat lay Clothing Photography

Versatile and cost-effective, flat lay clothing photography has become a staple in eCommerce businesses. These photos are pleasing to look at, allow your potential customers to imagine the apparel in action, and the clothing photography studio needs to be set up just one time.

Flat lay clothing photography also removes the added expense of hiring a model and gives the photographer total control over the apparel photography session.

Multiple backgrounds are available for flat lay clothing photography sessions. These backgrounds can help support your brand image and include subtle textures like wooden planking or beadboard, and classic, solid colors that make your merchandise the star of the show.

Fashion Photography for Your Business

When it comes to product photography of clothing, choosing a specialized fashion photography studio can save you time and earn you business. An industry professional can make sure you’re using the correct studio setup and fashion photography lighting to show off your products and increase your sales.

Contact us today to create a tailored plan for your apparel and product photography needs. You may find you want to use multiple photography techniques to showcase your merchandise to its fullest and we’re happy to customize an approach that suits your product and your brand imaging.

We don’t believe in bulk photo shoots, so you can rest assured you’re getting the custom, high-quality and high-resolution images your business needs to thrive in a competitive market. With our flexible clothing photography prices and fast turn-around time, ISA AYDIN Commercial Product Photography could be the leg up you’ve been looking for.

Fashion Photography on Models

Using models to showcase your merchandise helps clients see how the clothing fits and looks on a real person. Featuring a variety of models with different shapes and sizes gives customers a better idea of how the apparel will look on them. We offer over 400 freelance models for your fashion photoshoot, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your brand.

Kids Fashion Photo session

When it comes to photography of clothing for children, you need to appeal to the experience of having the clothing in a child’s life as well as the particular details of your product. Those shopping for children they know and love then have the opportunity to see the product in action and imagine that child enjoying the same experience.

Branding plays an important part in creating context for your children’s wear. The clothing photography background and chosen accessories can also work to create a response from your clients. When possible, using child models in addition to your professional flat lays can help round out your collection of product photos.

Hire a Fashion Photographer

When you hire a fashion photographer, you’re making a strategic investment in your brand’s visual identity. In today’s competitive landscape, it’s crucial to stand out, and nothing does that better than high-quality, compelling imagery. Hiring a fashion photographer for a session-based shoot gives you flexibility and a wealth of content, from crisp e-commerce photos to engaging 4K fashion videos. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and an eye for detail, a professional fashion photographer captures the essence of your brand, elevating your market presence. So, if you’re aiming to make a lasting impression, hire a fashion photographer to bring your vision to life.

Book A Fashion Shoot

When you book a fashion shoot with us, you’re stepping into a collaborative environment aimed at showcasing your brand in its best light. This isn’t just a business transaction—it’s a full-fledged creative partnership. With our session-based approach, you gain more than just access to a high-end studio and state-of-the-art equipment. You’re tapping into a wealth of creative expertise that helps you build a tailored brief and shot list, ensuring every frame aligns with your brand’s vision. Our experienced team not only provides crucial guidance on model posing but also aids in the intricate casting process. Need additional outfits to match your product’s design? We’ve got that handled too. With the option for diverse backgrounds, we can even take your shoot outdoors for that extra touch of authenticity. The end result? A comprehensive collection of crisp images and potentially 4K video content, all meticulously tailored to resonate with your target audience. It’s an all-encompassing package designed to elevate your fashion brand to new heights. Don’t settle for anything less; book a fashion shoot to unlock the unparalleled potential of your fashion brand.

Maximize Your Brand's Impact with a Fashion Photography Session

When you secure a fashion photography session, it’s all about what best represents your brand. No style is off the table. Whether you’re aiming for crisp e-commerce images against a clean white backdrop or venturing into an intricate advertising campaign, the canvas is yours to paint. But don’t just stop at still captures. Elevate your brand’s presence by opting for fashion video content, color-graded and provided in ultra-high 4K resolution—perfect for your social media channels or online boutique.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Fashion Photo & Video Session

A paramount advantage of opting for a session-based fashion shoot over the traditional pay-per-image model is the amount of content you obtain. With a session, every image captured is yours to keep. Tailor the post-production process to your needs: opt for comprehensive editing, minor tweaks, or even leave them in their organic glory. Many of these untouched photos are Instagram-ready, exuding authenticity.

Furthermore, session-based photography opens the gateway to RAW format images. For marketing professionals and those keen on integrating these visuals into design and promotional content, RAW images are invaluable. In a pay-per-image structure, acquiring these RAW files can sometimes double your expenses, costing as much as the edited picture itself.

Choosing Your Model for the Fashion Photography Session

Wondering if you can bring your own model to the shoot? Absolutely! Session-based photography emphasizes adaptability, allowing you to involve models, whether they’re sourced from our network or brought by you. That said, while this sounds enticing, there’s a catch to consider.

If your chosen model isn’t a pro in posing, it might not be the budget-friendly option you envisioned. Novices in front of the camera may need more guidance and patience, translating to extended shooting hours. While a pro can nail that perfect pose in just a few clicks, someone less experienced may need repeated takes to capture a single standout frame. The result? Potentially higher costs per image since you spent more time to get a perfect shot. That’s why we created our own network of freelance models where you can pick your models for your fashion shoot. Currently, we have 400+ models.

Understanding the Image Count from Your Fashion Photography Session

One common question we get is: “How many photos can I expect?” The answer to this varies based on your specific requirements and the session’s intricacies.

For a day-long session dedicated to straightforward eCom on a white background images, anticipate a range of 300-600 photographs. This number can sometimes reach 2000 images per day if a product is easy to shoot such as T-shirts and hats.

However, it’s crucial to understand that these numbers aren’t static. Several elements influence the final count, such as:

  • Product type
  • Presence of reflections that might need special handling
  • Whether the product demands special fitment
  • The necessity for unique mounting solutions or clamping
  • Pre-shoot preparations like cleaning or steaming
  • Models experience
  • The number of models

So, while we provide these estimates, the real answer lies in the nature and demands of the specific shoot you’ve planned.

What's in the Package? Breaking Down the Fashion Photography Session

Diving into a fashion photography session and wondering what’s part of the deal? Here’s a breakdown of everything you can expect:

  • The Fashion Photographer: Our dedicated expert, equipped with the skills to bring your vision to life.
  • Studio Space: A professional environment optimized for high-quality captures.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Ensuring every image is of the utmost quality.
  • Diverse Color Backgrounds: Catering to different moods and themes to resonate with your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Props: Enhancing the depth and context of your shoots, making each frame tell a story.
  • Cutting-Edge Photo & Video Cameras: Harnessing the power of the latest technology for crisp visuals.
  • Best Lighting Setup: Crafting the perfect ambiance, from soft glows to dramatic shadows.
  • A Photo Assistant: On standby, aiding the photographer in setups, changes, and ensuring the shoot runs seamlessly.

With all these inclusions, you can be confident that each moment is geared towards capturing the essence of your brand in the most stunning and professional manner.

Elevate Your Brand with Cinematic Fashion Video

Considering adding motion to your fashion product listing? We’ve got you covered! Our skilled fashion cinematographer with a top-tier cinema cameras are capable of capturing stunning 8K footage. When it comes to delivery, you have options: receive your videos in striking 4K resolution, color-graded to perfection, or opt for the incredibly detailed 8K RAW format. The choice is entirely in your hands, ensuring the final product aligns seamlessly with your fashion brand’s vision and requirements.

Clarifying the Editing Aspect of Your Photography Session

To address the often-asked question: “Is editing part of the package?” — the straightforward response is NO. Editing costs are separate from the session fee. Given the dynamic nature of photo shoots, it’s a challenge to predict the exact number of images produced, making it tough to integrate editing expenses into a fixed cost.

Take this for context: Imagine booking a full-day fashion shoot centered around 50 different looks. Such a session could result in an extensive collection of up to 500 viable photos. Now, the time and effort it takes to refine 50 images is drastically different from finessing a batch of 500. This variability is precisely why the editing expenses are calculated separately, ensuring fairness and clarity in the pricing structure.

Photo and Video Capture in One Day: How Does it Work?

Looking to maximize your fashion session with both stills and motion? Absolutely, it’s doable! You can indeed combine photo and video captures within a singular session timeframe.

But a word to the wise: switching gears from photography to videography isn’t an instant swap. The transition involves reconfiguring the setup, notably the lighting arrangements and specific camera configurations. Such adjustments are essential to ensure optimal quality for both mediums. Typically, this changeover might take up around an hour to two hours of your booked slot.

So, if you’re planning to utilize this dual approach, it’s prudent to factor in this extra time to get the most out of your session.

Venturing into Animated GIFs and Stop-Motion: Is It Doable?

Certainly! If you’re looking to diversify your fashion brand content with Animated GIFs or delve into the captivating world of stop-motion videos, you’re in the right place. Our studio is primed to facilitate the creation of these dynamic visuals during your designated session.

However, a couple of pointers to remember:

  1. Editing Costs: Crafting GIFs or stop-motion videos requires specialized post-production. This editing aspect comes with its own price tag and isn’t bundled into the session fee. After your session, we’ll work out the specifics of these additional charges.
  2. DIY Editing: Prefer to take the creative reins into your own hands? We’re flexible! If you’re confident in your editing prowess or have a trusted team for the job, you’re free to manage the post-production process independently.

Whichever route you opt for, rest assured that our goal is to assist you in producing engaging and dynamic content that aligns with your vision.

On-Location Shoots: Taking the Session Beyond the Studio

Thinking of capturing the essence of your fashion brand outside on different location? We’ve got you covered. Our sessions are not limited to the studio; they can be transitioned to on-location settings to best fit your vision.

With these provisions in place, our team is poised to capture your brand’s essence wherever you envision it — be it urban landscapes, serene nature backdrops, or specific indoor settings.

Elevate Your Fashion Brand Imagery with Precision and Artistry

In today’s saturated market, your brand’s distinctiveness lies not just in your products, but in how they’re portrayed. Enter our cutting-edge approach to fashion photography—a harmonious blend of art and technology that sets a new standard in visual representation.

Unparalleled Dedication to Authenticity

Where many studios tread the path of the ordinary, we’ve carved a niche marked by extreme color and lighting precision. Our commitment to authentic color reproduction and exquisite lighting sets us leagues apart.

World-Class Equipment for Stellar Outcomes

Partnering with the best in the business, we’re armed with the legendary Hasselblad cameras from Sweden, celebrated globally for their unparalleled image quality. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a photograph; you’re getting the best of image reproduction.

Illuminating Excellence

Every clothing shot benefits from our association with Broncolor, Switzerland’s pride in commercial photography lighting. With the world’s most accurate lighting systems at our disposal, your products aren’t just highlighted; they’re celebrated in their truest hues and intricate details.

Meticulous Calibration for Consistent Results

Our rigorous weekly monitor calibrations underscore our obsession with consistency. With us, what you see is what you get—there are no unpleasant surprises, only perfect color matches. This precision not only enhances customer trust but directly impacts your bottom line by significantly reducing product returns.

Editors That Craft, Not Just Correct

Trained and nurtured over a decade and a half, our editing maestros bring a unique blend of technical prowess and artistic intuition to every image. Especially in sectors like beauty and fashion, where accuracy is non-negotiable, our experts ensure your products are showcased in their most flattering and truthful light.

Choose Authenticity, Choose Us

In an age where consumers crave genuine connections, let your products resonate through visuals that are as real as they are riveting. With our state-of-the-art approach, your products won’t just be noticed; they’ll be remembered and coveted. Make the move to authenticity; make the move to us.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, Yes! We have the best eCommerce platform. Once you request a quote, you will receive a link to place the order. You will see all prices and can place the order online.

In case you need the products back, select the corresponding option during the checkout and include the return shipping label with the products when shipping to us. Products must be picked up within 3 business days after the photoshoot is complete.

Yes, all images are delivered in maximum resolution after crop.

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. You can pay online during checkout via Stripe processor or by paying the online invoice via Quickbooks Payment System. We accept checks by mail, Zelle, and ACH.

Yes, it does. All prices are final. We do not charge any sales tax since we are providing only service and do not provide any tangible goods. You are receiving the final images digitally.

We are confident that you’ll love our photography & video services. We will do our best to fix any issues and in the unlikely event that we can’t fix it, we will take care of it as stated in our refund policy Section 3.1.

We have three studios, in New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. All studios are equipped with high precision Broncolor lighting systems and medium format cameras for the best quality. Studios are designed for various needs and locations. Our photographers will pick the studio that best meets your requirements. You can ship your products to our studios FREE of charge using our prepaid shipping labels.

Yes, you can drop off or ship products yourself. Alternatively, you can ship your goods to our studios FREE of charge using our prepaid shipping labels if the order exceeds $500. We also, offer discounted shipping labels via FedEx and UPS.

Reviews (16)

  • Avatar for Christina Rose
    Christina Rose Verified Purchase

    I had the pleasure of working with Isa Aydin on a photoshoot for my fashion brand, and I am thrilled with the results! He is a true professional and his positive energy made the experience enjoyable. I highly recommend him and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future

  • Avatar for Janett
    Janett Verified Purchase

    I had a wonderful experience working with Isa on the first fashion photoshoot for my brand. His creativity and patience were invaluable, and he truly made the entire process enjoyable. The end result was amazing – the photos came out beautifully. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented and professional photographer like Isa.

  • Avatar for Rosa Klein
    Rosa Klein Verified Purchase

    I was extremely impressed with Isa Aydin’s work as a fashion photographer. He has a quick response time and is able to capture stunning images at an affordable price. In addition, Isa has a talent for making his subjects feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I highly recommend him for any fashion photoshoot or collaborative project.

  • Avatar for Shawn Black
    Shawn Black Verified Purchase

    I had the pleasure of working with Isa on a fashion advertising photoshoot, and we are extremely satisfied with the final results. Despite having a tight timeline and needing to shoot at multiple locations in a single day, Isa and his team were well-organized and prepared. The fashion shoot went smoothly thanks to their professionalism and efficiency. Isa also helped us with sourcing professional models at a fraction of the agency price. I would highly recommend Isa for any photoshoot project.

  • Avatar for Semra T.
    Semra T. Verified Purchase

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Isa on a fashion and lifestyle photoshoot, and it was a delightful experience. Not only is he professional and patient, but he is also easygoing and fun to work with. The resulting images were beautiful and I would highly recommend him. I would definitely work with him again in the future.

  • Avatar for Timur Nikolay
    Timur Nikolay Verified Purchase

    We’re a kids clothing company based in LA and needed to get some of our stuff shot on models for Costco. But finding the kids and adult models was a huge pain. It was either super expensive or just didn’t work out. So we hit up Isa for help with the project. What we really liked about them is that they took care of everything – from finding models to styling the products and getting the images ready for Costco. We were seriously impressed and are super happy with how it all turned out. We’d definitely recommend Isa to anyone else who is looking for a clothing photographer.

  • Avatar for Olivia Martinez
    Olivia Martinez Verified Purchase

    I recently booked a fashion photo session with models, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! The photographer was professional, creative, and had a great eye for detail. The models were easy to work with and really brought my dresses to life. The final images were stunning and have already boosted my online sales. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to elevate their brand!

  • Avatar for Isabella
    Isabella Verified Purchase

    The fashion photography for my jeans collection was a game-changer. The photographer was very professional and managed to capture the perfect shots that highlighted the unique aspects of my collection. The models were a delight to work with and really showcased my products in the best light. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

  • Avatar for Sophia Johnson
    Sophia Johnson Verified Purchase

    If you want to elevate your online store, look no further than this fashion photo session. Great communications, competitive budget friendly pricing and caring team.

  • Avatar for Anastasia Popova
    Anastasia Popova Verified Purchase

    I reached out to this company for images for my amazon listing. Isa not just delivered great images but also helped me a lot with optimizing my listing. It’s been 5 months since I posted my new images and I can clearly see significant increase in sales. Great Job!

  • Avatar for Alexander Thompson
    Alexander Thompson Verified Purchase

    I can’t say enough good things about the photography I received for my lingerie. The photographer was extremely skilled, and the models selected for the shoot perfectly complemented my lingerie line. The images exceeded my expectations, capturing the essence of my brand and giving it a polished, upscale look. My online presence has improved dramatically since I uploaded the new images. Don’t hesitate to invest in this service!

  • Avatar for Benjamin Kim
    Benjamin Kim Verified Purchase

    I recently had a fashion photography session with models for my online hoodie store, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the results. The team and photographer were incredibly talented and caring. They took care of everything from steaming to editing. Highly recommended!

  • Avatar for Henry Perez
    Henry Perez Verified Purchase

    Super fast service and amazing images :) i needed 30 images of leggings with models, got them done in under three days. Love it

  • Avatar for Anthony S
    Anthony S Verified Purchase

    I had 4 scarfs that I wanted to be shot on a model. Hiring a model separately would just be too expensive. I reached to many photo agencies and got quoted $500 out of which $300 was only for model. These guys shot everything all together for under $130. Images came out great!

  • Avatar for Marco Gonzalez 
    Marco Gonzalez  Verified Purchase

    I had a day-long photo shoot for my hoodie brand. I got 1600 great pictures. I asked for 250 to be edited, but the rest were already good to use on social media. Really happy with the results!

  • Avatar for Tugce Ozturk
    Tugce Ozturk Verified Purchase

    I had a photoshoot for my 60 backpacks. In one day, I got 6-7 photos for each. All the pictures look good. Isa was great to work with. He took care of everything, from hiring the models to creating a brief for me. He’s really good at his job!

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