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Our studio offers beauty products, cosmetics, and skincare photography in Los Angeles, and across California. Isa Aydin specializes in beauty products, skincare, and cosmetics photography in LA. Our studio, which currently has a staff of 20 including photographers, assistants, product stylists, and retouchers, opened its doors in 2015 and ever since we have collaborated with many well-known makeup, beauty, and skincare brands, maintaining a 5-star rating on all platforms.

958 N Western Ave #790,
Hollywood, CA 90029

Phone: (213) 431-0030
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday,

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We maintain a 5-Star Rating on All Platforms!

5 star rated photographer
Antioxidant serum with yellow texture swatch placed on round acrylic block and shot using gobo lighting.
Creative photography of seven nail polish bottles with artsy pours of each color setup using glitters.
Creative cosmetics photography of nail polish bottles using artsy pours setting to create a spilling effect. Shot by photographer Isa Aydin.
Cosmetics photography of five nail polish bottles with different shades of blue in artsy pours setting by photographer Isa Aydin.
Creative nail polish photography of 4 nail polish bottles with different shades of green. Shot by cosmetics photographer Isa Aydin.
Cosmetics shot of a square eyeshadow palette having four different shades of colors with open lid placed on a white background.
Cosmetics photography of a mascara brush and bottle placed next to each other on a white background.
Creative cosmetics photography of mineral fusions loose setting powder with half lid placed on the jar on a white background.
Beige color swatch of a cosmetic product on a white background. Cosmetics swatch photography by Isa Aydin.

You can send your products for free to our studio in Los Angeles and leave the rest to us. After getting a custom quote online, you can send your products to one of our studios using a free shipping label.

The founder, Isa Aydin, has over 20 years of experience in commercial photography and has all the necessary know-how to create compelling product images that do the products justice. We use only high-end precision lighting equipment that is specialized for cosmetics and skincare, which ensures real-to-life colors, even for tricker products such as lip gloss or serums.

Having both technical expertise and the ability to transpose the client’s brand values into stunning creative imagery, we can help businesses attract more customers.


02:36 14 Nov 19
I am selling cosmetics and needed photos for my online store. Isa and his team designed an amazing website and optimized my seo. I will definitely order again
03:22 01 Feb 18
Hands down the best product photographer I have ever worked with. the ISA AYDIN team pays excellent attention to detail and is willing to work with you, including you in every step of the process. they will made changes as needed until you are satisfied. I am so happy to have found this team. I am so pleased with the final pictures I received and cannot wait to use them. I am now a loyal customer of this team and plan on working with them forever. thank you thank you again!
04:07 27 Jun 17
I contacted Isa's commercial photography studio a day before launching our online shop. We needed a photoshoot with 4 models for our homepage. Just in one day he managed to find models, makeup artists, accessories and made it happen. You are the man, Isa! Thank you!