Portrait Photography & Acting Headshots

Editorial beauty, portrait photography and acting headshots

Portrait Photography & Acting Headshots

Editorial beauty, portrait photography and acting headshots
Model headshot photography with female model wearing light pink lipstick by Isa Aydin nj ny la
Creative beauty shot of a female white model wearing red lipstick using creative lighting by photographer Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Professional close-up shot with the blonde female model by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Commercial makeup beauty model with professional lightning by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Creative makeup beauty model by Isa Aydin NJ NY
Model wearing a makeup for product photography. Shot by photographer Isa Aydin LA NJ NY
Executive headshot on a white background with female model by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Commercial makeup beauty shot with female model on a dark grey background by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Executive headshot on a white background with male model by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Commercial makeup beauty shot with female model on a side angle. Photographer Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Beauty portrait of a female white model using creative lightings on a white background..
Model headshot with red lipstick on a female model
Beauty shot of a black female model with curly hairs wearing red nail polish and lipstick. Shot by Commercial Photographer Isa Aydin.
Naked black female model with curly hairs posing for a beauty shot for advertising photographer Isa Aydin.
Beauty shot of a female white model posing to show her dress on a rooftop in New York by commercial photographer Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Beauty photography of a female white model sitting on a roof boundary wall shot by advertising photographer Isa Aydin.
Black and white beauty portrait of a female white model wearing sunglasses. Beauty photography by Isa Aydin.

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Maria Garcia
We loved working with Isa and his team! Very pleased with the results of the photoshoot.Looking forward for the future projects! Highly recommended!!!
Shawn Wood
Isa Aydin and Francy does great work and has A1 Customer Service.Will be using them again for my small business pictures.
anthony fernandez
Excellent customer service! I recently had photos taken for my Amazon product listing and they came out excellent! I highly recommend ISA AYDIN for product photos. Francy, who helped me through the entire process was very patient and asked me very detailed questions so I can get the best quality photos to match my ideas. I will definitely continue to use them for future product photos and projects.
damiano senatore
I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks for Isa Aydin & Co for their consistent professionalism , flexibility and creativity. We started by simply seeking out product photography and , their expertise and guidance, ended with Beautiful images that could be used as works of art. The team’s patience and understanding is comforting and reassuring and bolstered by their masterful skills. I would recommend this business to any and everyone who is seeking out commercial product photography and look forward to being able to work together again soon.
Paris San Diego
Just have to say what a great decision it was to hire ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY for my product photos. They far exceeded my expectations and best of all, Isa and Francy were very knowledgeable and provided great suggestions on what to do, which kept me from making big decision mistakes. When you feel comfortable with the people you're trusting your products with, it's one less thing you have to worry about as a business owner and all you have to do is sit back and relax in anticipation of the finished images, which came out so good that it makes me want to buy my own product. Additionally, my original plan included bringing one of my own models but when she backed out last minute, Francy stepped in and it worked out even better as planned as she should've been the first choice to begin with. With the product about to launch, I can't wait to come back for the second campaign, which will include videos and then again after that for a new product launch. If you're still reading this review, which you should be, what are you waiting for? Call them now. Unless you have a competing product to mine. In that case, please go and hire a really bad photographer. :)
Anne Cajigas
Pleasure to deal with. Nice interpretation of project. Pleased with results.
Enis Kilic
Just deliver your product and relax. You will receive high quality, fast selling photos.You will not regret.
Paradox Jewlz
ISA AYDIN was a pleasure to work with. I got exactly what I was looking; They provided high quality product photos that look wonderful on my website. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for great product photography.
Semra J. Amiraslan
Great cosmetics photographer and very creative team. My beauty products look amazing. Placing another order for product videos very soon!

Portrait Photography in New Jersey

In New Jersey, my work in portrait photography transcends traditional headshots, venturing into the vibrant realms of acting, modeling, and beauty editorials. I focus on more than just appearances; I aim to capture the unique character and creativity of each individual.

I’ve seen the undeniable impact of a carefully crafted image. For actors, a headshot is their first impression in the casting world, showcasing their range and potential. For models, I create portfolios that highlight their adaptability and echo the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

In beauty editorials, my approach is all about aesthetics and storytelling. Here, I capture contemporary beauty trends, creating visuals that tell a story and resonate within the industry.

I believe in the power of visual engagement. In today’s image-driven world, my photography serves as a crucial tool for personal branding and artistic expression. Whether it’s for social media or professional portfolios, the images I create help forge connections and open up new opportunities.

At my studio in New Jersey, I cater to diverse needs, from the intensity required in an actor’s headshot to the creative essence of a model’s portfolio and the sophistication of beauty editorials. I’m passionate about not just taking photos, but about capturing emotions and stories that speak volumes.

Capturing Your Professional Essence: Diverse Portrait Services

In my New Jersey studio, I specialize in a range of professional portraits that cater to diverse needs. My expertise spans across:

  • Acting Headshots: Capturing the essence of your character and acting potential.
  • Full Body Portraits: Showcasing your personality and style in a complete frame.
  • Beauty Editorials: Highlighting the latest trends in fashion and beauty with artistic flair.
  • Corporate Headshots: Tailoring your corporate image to stand out in the business world.

These portraits are more than just pictures; they’re versatile tools that adapt to various platforms, reaching a wide array of audiences.

Here are some of the many ways you can utilize your professional portraits:

  • Enhancing Web Articles with a personal touch.
  • Adding credibility to Resumes and Job Applications.
  • Elevating Brochures with a professional image.
  • Enriching Web Content, making it more engaging.
  • Bringing a personal element to Book Covers.
  • Boosting your Social Media profiles with high-quality images.

In every shoot, my goal is to not just take a photo but to tell a story, to capture a moment that resonates with your audience and serves your professional needs. Each portrait is a step towards defining your personal or corporate brand in the most impactful way.

Business Headshots Provide Authority

By asserting authority you can get the customers your business expansion requires. Many of our clients come to us with this issue. They have the perfect social media profiles and have a great portfolio and yet still they can’t garner the attention they want for their business. And the answer lies in their unprofessional photos. They are the main reason customers can’t seem to connect with the business. It is the lack of executive headshots that make the companies lose business.

When a business has social presence the eyes of customers are always at them. And without a professional front and business headshots, you might never be able to attract the customers that make up your niche. So if you aim to get respect and attention that your brand requires, only the best business headshots would be able to help you out.

Executive Headshots for Branding

There’s a strong belief that people do business with individuals and not the company. It is the representatives of the company that bring in business, through their business headshots. If these people are poor at presentation, chances are that customers will take their business elsewhere. Even when you have great business ethics, poor presentation and lack of executive headshot photographs can make you lose some valued customers.

With a quality headshot in the picture, you can convey a strong message to your clients. This simple addition can help increase the perceived value of your business, and help build rapport with clients. That perfect expression which exudes your personality through a perfect executive headshot photograph is the resource that can help you attract the right kind of clients for your business.

The Art of Creating Impactful Acting Headshots

As a professional portrait photographer in New Jersey, I’ve learned that an acting headshot is much more than a photo; it’s an actor’s introduction to the world of casting. It’s about capturing a presence that speaks volumes before you even utter a word on stage or screen. My job is to bring out the unique essence of each actor I photograph, giving them a tool that transcends the ordinary.

In this industry, it’s not just about having a good picture; it’s about having an acting headshot that captures your character and potential. When you step into my studio, I’m not just taking your photo; I’m crafting your visual introduction to directors and casting agents. A portrait that conveys trust, approachability, and professionalism can be the key to unlocking new opportunities.

It’s a common misconception that a good camera is all it takes to create a great portraits. But the truth is, it’s about the person behind the camera. My expertise lies in how I position you, how I work with lighting, and how I guide you to evoke the right expressions. I focus on capturing those spontaneous, warm moments that showcase your true personality – the personality that makes you stand out in auditions.

Creating your acting headshot is about making a powerful first impression. In a role where your image speaks for you, trust in my experience as your photographer. Together, we’ll create a headshot that not only showcases your professionalism but also your unique character and potential.

Long-term Relationships

Attracting the right customers isn’t the only goal for a business. Customer retention is also an important aspect of business. So when building long-term relationships is your ultimate goal, a professional headshot photograph is the need of the hour. It is this picture that comes to the mind of your customers whenever they think about the services your business offer. You are the representative of your business and hence you need to portray the business in the best way you can.

Remarkable executive headshots have the power to grab your customers’ attention from the first moment. By hiring the right professional headshot photographer in New Jersey, you can make sure your picture is the first thing that customers can associate with the business. Your professional picture can help mask the lure of competitors and ensure that your customers don’t switch.

What to Expect During a Headshot Session

With a plethora of reasons to get your headshot photograph, you must now know the importance of hiring a professional. Without business headshots, customers would have a hard time warming up to people. And without the right picture to represent you, the level of confidence you have can also alleviate. Amateur photographers won’t be able to help you evoke trust in your customers and so it wouldn’t fare well for your business either. If you need to maintain professional standards for you business, you better contact ISA AYDIN Photography for the best headshot photography experience.

Now that you have finally decided to go for the professional headshot photograph, you need to know what to expect from a professional photography session. A headshot photography session isn’t something to worry about. In the hands of a professional headshot photographer, you can get the best results.

Picking the Best Photographer

Professional photographers tend to have a number of techniques up their sleeves. This makes each photographer different from the next. Their level of expertise and years in the trade also play an important role in shaping their individual style. Their shooting and editing style can have a great impact on the result of your headshot photograph.

There are headshot photographers who have been in the business for a few years and already have mastered the art. So the best way to determine the perfectly suited headshot photographer for you, you need to take a look at their portfolio. Their collection of previous works can help you gauge their level of expertise.


Once you’ve decided on a professional headshot photographer in New Jersey, you need to get ready for the appointment. The first thing to decide on is the dressing. In a professional headshot photograph even your clothing is a form of expression. The right dressing can help you set the right tone and reflect your personality in the best way possible. An important tip to remember, simpler is better.

You might want to go for solid colors as they look best for business headshots. Even if you are opting for a patterned dress make sure it’s not too elaborate. If your headshot photography package allows for outfit change, start off with a simple shirt and then add the layers that can make you stand out. For this step make sure you bring a change of clothes to the studio. Ensure your clothes are wrinkle free as retouchers can have a difficult time with wrinkles. You can relax with the shoes and wear anything that’s comfortable since it’s just a headshot.


For an immaculate look, it’s better to hire a professional hair stylist. If not, then make sure you style your hair the best way. A hair style that makes you look approachable should be your ultimate aim. Keep a few hair styling products on hand to take care of any ruffled hair. You wouldn’t want your business headshot photograph to be ruined by a strand of fly-aways.


You should refrain from putting on too much makeup. A natural look can add more emotion to the picture. Bring some cosmetics with you so you can add some during the shoot. It’s better not to go for any extreme beauty treatments right before your appointment. You might also want to get rid of any visible unwanted hair before you go in for your business headshot photography appointment.

If you want an immaculate look for your shoot this is a necessary step. However, your choices are always respected. It is better that men shave right before they leave for the shoot. It will give you the chance to look your absolute best for your business headshot photography session in New Jersey.

Now that you know all about what to expect during your headshot photo shoot, it’s time you get a chance to go through some dos and don’ts of the session. Corporate headshots are a serious business and that’s why it’s important to follow every direction of the photographer. When you hire a professional to do the job for you, you’d get the best results. But these results also matter on your ability to follow the photographer’s instructions.

With a list of do’s and don’ts, you’d be able to get the best business headshots to attract, retain and establish long-lasting business relationships with people.

When you want a polished executive headshot photograph, you need to keep these things in mind. These simple tips will help you create the perfect impression.


  • It’s best to schedule the business headshot photography session when you feel confident and in a good mood. What matters most is your peace of mind. When you’re feeling at your best, you wouldn’t have to fake any smiles. Try to avoid going for the photo shoot on a bad day. The stress of your day would be plain for everyone to see and it might ruin your executive headshot.
  • Be authentic. When you’re overly enthusiastic it will be evident in your pictures and that’s not something you’d want for your business headshots.
  • You might not agree with the photographer’s suggestion but since they have worked in the industry they have the right perspective. Even if you don’t agree with them go along and you can decide once the final result is in front of you. Trust the experience and expertise of the photographer and follow their directions properly. You’d be surprised at how amazing your business headshots turn out to be.


  • Although using makeup is recommended make sure you don’t go overboard. Trying to hide every wrinkle or fine line wouldn’t give you the flawless look you’ve been aiming for. Instead it will give your photos an artificial touch. So refrain from heavy makeup.
  • There’s no doubt that you’d want your executive headshot photograph to portray you as a powerful individual. Don’t go for that overbearing powerful look. You’d want to look confident and approachable. Try and be comfortable with your personality and make sure it reflects in your expressions. If you have opted for an experienced headshot photographer in New Jersey, you have nothing to worry about. They have the expertise to evoke the right emotions and expressions.
  • Say no to too many accessories. They can be a distraction in your business headshot and might appear to be a compensation for something else.

These simple tips will help you get the best of your business headshot photography session. Follow these do’s and don’ts for the best professional headshot photographs. It’s the simple things that can make huge differences. As long as you follow your executive headshot photographer’s advice you’d do great.

So take your business to new heights of success and connect with your audience in the most powerful way. Don’t hesitate to contact ISA AYDIN Photography today and set an appointment for your business headshot photography session.