Video Production New Jersey

We offer clients a full range of video production services in New Jersey

Video Production New Jersey

We offer clients a full range of video production services in New Jersey


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Click “Get A Quote” and submit the form. We usually respond in 5 minutes.


Place the Order

Once you receive the quote, proceed to placing the order, then provide your instructions.


Ship Your Products

Ship your products to our studio using our Free shipping labels. You can also drop off or ship your products yourself.


Shooting, Editing & Delivery

Once the shoot is complete you will receive an email with the link for revision and download.

As featured in

Maria Garcia
We loved working with Isa and his team! Very pleased with the results of the photoshoot.Looking forward for the future projects! Highly recommended!!!
Shawn Wood
Isa Aydin and Francy does great work and has A1 Customer Service.Will be using them again for my small business pictures.
anthony fernandez
Excellent customer service! I recently had photos taken for my Amazon product listing and they came out excellent! I highly recommend ISA AYDIN for product photos. Francy, who helped me through the entire process was very patient and asked me very detailed questions so I can get the best quality photos to match my ideas. I will definitely continue to use them for future product photos and projects.
damiano senatore
I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks for Isa Aydin & Co for their consistent professionalism , flexibility and creativity. We started by simply seeking out product photography and , their expertise and guidance, ended with Beautiful images that could be used as works of art. The team’s patience and understanding is comforting and reassuring and bolstered by their masterful skills. I would recommend this business to any and everyone who is seeking out commercial product photography and look forward to being able to work together again soon.
Paris San Diego
Just have to say what a great decision it was to hire ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY for my product photos. They far exceeded my expectations and best of all, Isa and Francy were very knowledgeable and provided great suggestions on what to do, which kept me from making big decision mistakes. When you feel comfortable with the people you're trusting your products with, it's one less thing you have to worry about as a business owner and all you have to do is sit back and relax in anticipation of the finished images, which came out so good that it makes me want to buy my own product. Additionally, my original plan included bringing one of my own models but when she backed out last minute, Francy stepped in and it worked out even better as planned as she should've been the first choice to begin with. With the product about to launch, I can't wait to come back for the second campaign, which will include videos and then again after that for a new product launch. If you're still reading this review, which you should be, what are you waiting for? Call them now. Unless you have a competing product to mine. In that case, please go and hire a really bad photographer. :)
Anne Cajigas
Pleasure to deal with. Nice interpretation of project. Pleased with results.
Enis Kilic
Just deliver your product and relax. You will receive high quality, fast selling photos.You will not regret.
Paradox Jewlz
ISA AYDIN was a pleasure to work with. I got exactly what I was looking; They provided high quality product photos that look wonderful on my website. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for great product photography.
Semra J. Amiraslan
Great cosmetics photographer and very creative team. My beauty products look amazing. Placing another order for product videos very soon!

Videography Solutions

During our 17 years of operation, we have had the honor of providing both commercial and corporate clients with all their videography solutions. We are dedicated to producing high-quality video content. Our aim is to help you focus on your target audience, taking your business to the next level. With our extensive expertise, we will help you reach prospective new clients and allow your business to thrive.

Need a Product Demo Video?

We are creating engaging videos for Amazon Listing & eCommerce Websites

Whether you are looking to tell your company story, produce a promotional film or commercial TV ad, ISA AYDIN will produce a final video product that will be both attractive and compelling.

What We Do

  1. eCommerce videos
  2. Company overview videos
  3. Corporate videos
  4. Work process videos
  5. Testimonial videos
  1. Commercial videos
  2. Explainer videos
  3. Branded videos
  4. Social media videos

Company Overview Videos

It is important to let your target audience know who you are as a company. Producing a company overview video is a great way to get the message across. It allows both existing and potential clients to hear your company’s story and the ethos behind it. Company overview videos will build your brand and help to boost SEO.

Work Process Videos

In order to understand any company, clients and customers benefit from taking a look at the work processes involved. With a work process video, you are able to offer clients an insight into the everyday workings of your business. ISA AYDIN will produce a video allowing you to show the extent of your capabilities and the expertise that you have to offer.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos whether it’s annual report or a company anniversary video, give you the chance to promote your company. They are a great way to attract potential investors, let stakeholders see the company’s progress or appeal to a target talent pool. Working with ISA AYDIN to produce a professional corporate video will strategically promote your business to New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan NY and beyond.

eCommerce Videos

You’ll love what professional e-commerce videos can do for your growing business. There’s no need to put it off when affordable product video can be had with our help. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and create the perfect plan for your business.

When you have an Amazon-based business, you know how important it is that you set your business apart from the others. Having videos available can give your potential consumers that final push they need to make a purchase. A quality e-commerce video will allow them to see the product in action while also giving your business additional legitimacy.

Commercial Videos

Promoting a service or spreading awareness of a product in any market can be achieved through commercial videos. Whether you are looking to film a commercial TV ad or a short film, our experts are able to produce a top-quality video production showcasing your product or service. These can be viewed across numerous media platforms, from TV to many internet and social media outlets, including Facebook and YouTube.

We Understand It’s More Than Just a Product

When it comes to moving product, we know you’re really selling a lifestyle and not the merchandise you carry. When you make a video for a product, your goal should be to leave your customer-to-be feeling like your merchandise will make their lives easier. Our team have the experience and skills to provide you with quality e-commerce videos. Show your product in action to catch your consumer’s attention and encourage them to go through with their purchase.

Do Amazon Product Videos for Amazon Sellers Really Matter?

Have you been on the fence about the expense of hiring out for product demo videos? We believe in providing quality while giving you affordable product video. If you aren’t convinced professional e-commerce video is worth the expense, consider the following facts:

  • Nearly half of all online shoppers worry their products won’t look the same when they arrive as they do in product images they view prior to purchasing. An e-commerce video can help alleviate any potential concerns your future clients have and allow them to view the product from many different angles.
  • One-third of all shoppers prefer to learn about a product while watching a video. If all of the good information about your product is buried in text your audience isn’t reading, you won’t make sales. Go ahead and leave that information up for those who read and capture the part of the audience who doesn’t by using e-commerce videos.
  • Nearly 70 percent of shoppers find product demo videos the most helpful type of e-commerce video while shopping online.

Don’t miss out on a large portion of your audience by not having product demo videos loaded and available for viewing. Moving forward with affordable product video with ISA AYDIN can keep you competitive and help your business in Jersey, stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Social Media

Your audience likely spends a good deal of their time on social media. Nothing is easier or more compelling to share than a well-made video. Professional videographers like those in our Jersey-based team can give you a compelling video to encourage likes and shares, increasing your product’s (and your business’) visibility and bringing in additional potential consumers.

You’ll also find these e-commerce videos can be used to build a real voice for your business and add to your branding. It’s one reason to consider doing multiple videos with the same company. Using similar techniques and structures will create brand recognition. Have an existing customer who was happy with their purchase from you and they stumble across a promising product video they recognize as being from your business? You’re one step closer to making another sale.

E-commerce Videos Help Build a Relationship with Your Audience

Product demo videos that feature people and voices help create connections with your viewer in a way that reading about products and companies won’t. This connection can build a foundation for a relationship with your shoppers and encourage both the purchase of the item they’re considering as well as future purchases through your company.

Throw in an amazing shopping experience with high-quality products and you have the recipe for success. Don’t forget — happy customers are likely to give verbal and written recommendations. In turn, this will help you network and provide you with a larger audience.

When starting a new business, it can be easy to put off some of these marketing techniques. There are a lot of pieces to put into place and you’re likely navigating a new platform, learning its ins and outs while juggling your merchandise, photos, product descriptions, and videos. Fortunately, our staff are experienced with the Amazon platform and know what to include in Amazon product videos for Amazon sellers. Get the affordable product video your business needs to thrive without sacrificing quality — and without adding more to your plate.

The Power of Google

While you’re weighing the pros and cons of moving forward with professional, affordable product videos from an established company like ISA AYDIN, keep this in mind: Having a product video on your website increases the likelihood that your webpage will be returned during a relevant search.

Google returns websites that promise good, engaging content. The algorithms used are specifically designed for this because these are the kinds of websites searchers find valuable. This leads to happy Google users who are content with their search results. The great thing is that you can see the benefits of increased Google traffic from adding e-commerce videos to your own site.

You’ll love what professional e-commerce videos can do for your growing business. There’s no need to put it off when affordable product video can be had with our help. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and create the perfect plan for your business.

Testimonial Videos

Provide prospective clients and customers with proof of your success. Testimonial videos allow people to hear first-hand experiences from happy customers. Instead of bombarding clients with a sales pitch full of facts and statistics, testimonials offer them an honest and emotional story. It has been proved that testimonial videos can be highly beneficial to businesses and their sales.

Testimonial videos are your customers speaking directly to potential customers about their personal experience with you and your business. These videos are filmed like a natural conversation — as if you’re sitting down and chatting with a friend. They’re informal and work to create an immediate rapport with the viewer.

What are Customer Testimonial Videos?

While reviews and recommendations can be great for getting some traction, customer testimonials provide your future clients with this important opportunity to connect with another person. These testimonials can be as persuasive as a recommendation from a trusted friend. As a bonus, it will be easier to reach the segment of your audience who don’t read reviews but will watch a video.

Customer Testimonial Video Production

A successful customer testimonial should be more than just your customer singing your praise. You want your potential clients to really connect with your existing customer base. This means having your customers relate their frustrations prior to working with you.

You want your customer testimonials to reflect their initial issue and let them talk about what hadn’t worked for them. Chances are the audience will have had a similar experience. When they hear and see other people who have been in the same spot they’re in — and found the solution through the use of your company — you’re one step closer to having a new customer.

In addition to having your customers talk about their problem and their positive experience working with you, your video should include plenty of footage of the product or service in action. This enables your testimonial video to also function as a product video. Even if your viewer doesn’t drop in for the product video you have, they’ll get to see your business in action.

How to Use Customer Testimonials

They are great for home pages. You’ll also find they’re easier to use for advertising than product review videos. These videos catch a scroller’s attention, and a good customer testimonial can easily gain traction on social media.

Once you have your testimonial video in-hand and published on the internet, you can also use software to help track its effectiveness. This can give you a better idea of how well your target audience is receiving your product and video. It can even help you decide how to grow your business in the future.

What Goes Into Our Customer Testimonial Video?

Not all customer testimonial videos are created equally. That’s one reason why going with a top-quality production company like Isa Aydin Photography is in your (and your business’) best interest.

Our experienced team of top-level professionals have access to proper equipment and possess the previous project experience needed to ensure your final product is everything it should be. When you work with us to create your customer testimonial video, you’ll find your final product had the following:

  • An easy-to-follow problem and solution arc that shows your business in its best light.
  • Customer-focused filming that doesn’t feel promotional.
  • Unscripted, natural conversations with your authentic customers.
  • High-quality, well-balanced footage that looks professional and “finished”.

You’ll love the final product, and so will your future customers. Professional testimonial video production with our team can present your business in a polished and professional manner that connects with audiences and brings in greater business. It’s one more way you can set your business apart from all the others out there your audience has access to.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the best ways to let your audience know how your product and service works, and how it benefits them. More than just a fun and interactive way to convey a message, explainer videos are one of the most powerful ways to convert prospects into customers.

An explainer video is a short video that provides a concise synopsis of your business. No matter what kind of business you run — be it service-oriented or product-oriented — you should be able to wrap up your company in a single two-minute video.

What Should Explainer Videos Include?

These videos may also be called homepage videos, overview videos, or conversion videos. These videos should always be short, straight-to-the-point, and engaging. A good explainer video will generally cover four main points:

  • The problem: You want your viewer to immediately identify with the problem your business can solve.
  • The solution: Don’t leave your viewer guessing what might help solve their issue — provide them with a solution they can use.
  • Your business’ features and benefits: Lay out all the good your business can do for your viewers.
  • How your business ties into the previously mentioned solution: This is where you tie your presentation together, showing how the features and benefits of your business can provide your clients with the solution to the problem they’ve been facing.

Your explainer video can be traditional or highly stylized. Many companies choose animated explainer videos. Animated videos can cut down on costs and have a quick turn-around time.

Just make sure your instructional video leaves your audience knowing exactly where your business stands and achieves the above goals.

Do you Really Need an Explainer Video?

You’re likely working within a finite budget and may be wondering if the expense of an explainer video is really worth it. The short answer is yes, you really do need this kind of video and it really is worth it.

Explainer videos give you a great opportunity to begin branding your company. The style and script you go with should be highly representative of your brand. Choose to use language and images consistently throughout all of your platforms (including your marketing materials, webpage, social media pages, and tutorial videos) so your business can have immediate brand recognition.

These visual and auditory clues for your audience can lead to more sales while building ongoing relationships and trust with your current and future customers.

Another benefit of using a video-based explanation of your business? It’s a great alternative for those viewers who are mindlessly scrolling. They may not be interested in reading an “About Us” blurb but are more than willing to sit through an entertaining video.

This is especially the case if your viewer hasn’t been actively looking for your business or product, but happens to stumble across the video. They may find they have more of a need for your business than they’d previously needed.

You’ll also find this style of tutorial video is highly shareable. In the right hands, a well-done explainer video can easily become a viral sensation, giving your business the limelight it deserves.

Choosing our Professionals for Your Next Explainer Video

When it’s time to settle on a professional to make your new video, you don’t want to cut any corners.

After all, this video is going to represent your business. You want the final result to look polished, to contain all the pertinent information it needs. You also want to pull in your audience and make them new clients. A great quality explainer video can do all of that and more, and our experienced staff can help you achieve that.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and your goals to put together a custom plan that suits your needs. Your individual business needs and goals will help dictate what your video will look like. We can talk with you about your future target, providing you with an affordable and professional explainer video.

Branded Videos

Want to cut through all the online noise and showcase your company and brand in the very best possible light? Connect with your customer base on a human level with dedicated branded videos. People are bored of being sold to, but with branded videos, you can boost engagement and sales in a natural, friendly manner.

You can think of these videos as mini advertisements for your company. The difference from a traditional advert is that branded videos do not actively try to sell anything. Instead, they deliver a short, punchy message to the public and your prospects.

Branded videos keep your company in the background and aim to entertain, delight, or inform viewers. The content should be fun, light-hearted, authentic and around a minute in length.

By connecting with people on a human level, your business brand is bolstered and becomes memorable. Ad fatigue is a very real concern so this kind of marketing cuts through all the noise and places your company above the rest.

Using Branded Video Content

You should use these videos to maintain contact and connections with your customer base. If you already have a strong base, branded video content keeps your clients engaged. And if you’re still building your clientele, these videos are a great way to start generating connections.

Branded videos can be shared on your website, on your social media channels, and anywhere you’d like to boost engagement. Who knows, if you get the angle and the content right, your branded video might even go viral!

We know how to showcase your company and brand in the best possible light and get the hits and clients rolling in. Our team of dedicated photographers and videographers are branded video production specialists. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment or have a chat with one of our experts to find out how we can help you deliver your message.

Social Media Videos

Whether you want to create YouTube videos, website videos, or a series of social media videos, we are here to help. Our team of experienced videographers in New Jersey have the know-how needed to take your engagement levels from zero to hero.

The reach of these social media networks is so pervasive that most businesses realise the importance of quality social media marketing — videos, in particular, are key to quality customer engagement.

What are Social Media Videos?

The name says it all really, these videos are short media clips specifically designed to be shared on social media networks. Their purposes are diverse and include boosting customer engagement, turning prospects into buyers, selling items, and entertaining your clientele.

When used correctly, and when well-produced by a reputable media producer with proven results, social media videos are one of the most powerful ways in which businesses can communicate with audiences.

The best bit is that social media clips can be shared on your other marketing channels, including as website videos, YouTube videos and just about anywhere you’d like to share them!

Why Social Media Videos are Important for Business Marketing

Often short but punchy, social media videos boost your brand’s online presence in a fun and authentic way. Did you know that social media clips are specially designed for the interactive networks they will be posted to? The beginnings of these videos are crafted in such a way that viewers want to stay engaged.

We format our social media videos so that they are optimised for mobile and web viewing, meaning all viewers and prospects can enjoy your high-quality messages.

Here’s an important fact: social media videos generate a whopping 1200 percent more shares than written and image based content put together. And when user share your message or otherwise engage with it, their friends and followers are exposed to your brand too.

Likes, Comments, and Shares: Engagement Matters

Social media channels have really provided a boon to savvy business owners who have valuable messages to share with their clientele. Because of the nature of social media, algorithms note which posts users engage with and feed that info back to that user’s own social network.

Each time a user likes, comments, or shares on one of your social media videos, your brand gains organic, free outreach. And that’s certainly something to cheer about, in our opinion!

However, it’s important to keep your social media content light and digestible–people use social media to be entertained and to connect, not to be bogged down by ads.

What Makes a Good Social Media Video?

Good social media videos are fun and entertaining, not overtly sales focused. As people are now exposed to more ads than ever before thanks to the advent of newer technologies, ad fatigue is a very real concern.

The trick is to get your message across and expose consumers to your brand without hard sales techniques or hackneyed expressions.

Instead, use your social media clips to humanize your business and staff, show off your fun side, and subtly build brand awareness.

YouTube Video Creation and Production

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular social sharing platforms. With well over 1.8 billion users per month, not having a proper presence on this platform could be doing your business some serious harm.

Our production team helps businesses like yours create sharable, engaging, and targeted YouTube videos. We produce YouTube videos that not only help you sell your goods and services but also communicate with your desired audience.

Our in-house marketing experts know what kind of content works on YouTube and what doesn’t. To stand out from the competition in New Jersey and New York, you need authentic YouTube videos that speak directly to the people you want to talk to.

Whether you want to create YouTube videos, website videos, or a series of social media videos, we are here to help. Our team of experienced videographers in New Jersey have the know-how needed to take your engagement levels from zero to hero.

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