About Isa Aydin

headshot photographer in action at ISA AYDIN studio

I am Isa Aydin and I have been working in the field of commercial photography for over 16 years now with 10 years’ worth of paid professional photographer experience. My romance with photography began as a hobby. I voraciously read books and magazines on photography and anything related to it.

Enough about that. So, let’s go back to my passion, photography. Aside from being self-taught, I augmented my knowledge by watching other highly experienced photographers do their thing. Since the onset of the internet, I have been checking out Google and YouTube videos. I have trained under famous bigwig photographers and film directors. One favorite person that I have worked with on an interior design photography assignment is the well-known Sydney-based photographer Geoff Lung. He introduced me to the world of interior photography which has consequently become one of my fortes.

I mainly offer and provide photography services for still life subjects because, apart from it being my passion, I like keeping things under control. With still life subjects, I can control the effect of the lighting on the object and how the object is arranged. No matter how long I take to do the shoot, the object stays still and doesn’t hamper the flow of my creativity. So, with still life subjects, everything will be dependent on my envisioned visualization.

Commercial Photographer work ethics

As a self-motivated commercial photographer, there are plenty of work ethics that I live by. The most vital one is corporate communications’ skills. When creativity and interpretation are involved, a lot of things can go wrong, and the most important way to achieve the precisely desired results is via strong corporate communications. This does not simply pertain to verbal communications but also encompasses agreements, contracts, invoices, email responses, text messages, and voice calls. Next is timeliness. Being on time and meeting deadlines is always a must in the business world. I strictly uphold this work ethic as well.  I always guarantee that I will have the work ready on time and will never miss a deadline

Last but not the least, the quality of work is of utmost importance to me. Of course, the client’s needs and requirements are a top priority. But, I will never compromise the quality of my work for the sake of cost. That being said, I do provide feedback and insights into a project, but I never do a job just for money. Quality has to take priority over money.