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Electronics commercial advertisement shoot by Isa Aydin ni ny la
Commercial skin care stop motion gif on a yellow background with female hand model by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Commercial footwear product shot on a overhead angle and on a white background by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Cosmetics advertising skin care product photoshoot by Isa Aydin
YSL red color lipstick comercial lifestyle product photography on a black background by Isa Aydin nj ny la
Professional cosmetics red color mascara on a red background shoot by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Lifestyle beauty product shoot of pedicure sets by Isa Aydin ny, nj la
Dior Rouge Lipstick on a white background commercial makeup product photography by Isa Aydin nj ny la

Advantages of session-based shoots

Images, Videos & GIFs

All taken images & videos are yours including RAWs.

No Creative Limit

Get any content you need. eCom, Lifestyles & Shots with models.

All Props are Free

Pick from a huge inventory of available props.

400+ Models

Pick from our network of 400+ models.
All taken images & videos are yours including RAWs.
Get any content you need. eCom, Lifestyles & Shots with models.
Pick from a huge inventory of available props.
Pick from our network of 400+ models.

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Photo & Video Session

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Get Everything in
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  • Product Shots
  • Lifestyle Shots
  • Models Shots
  • Advertising Shots
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Need a model?

Pick a model from a network of 400+ Freelancers

Cosmetic beauty body lotion product shot on a green paper showing texture of the product by Isa Aydin
Commercial creative beauty product photoshoot by Isa Aydin
Creative makeup beauty model by Isa Aydin NJ NY
Commercial beauty product photography by Isa Aydin NJ New York

When you book a session, you aren't confined to any particular style.

This is your time! Whether you want clean e-commerce shots against a white background or wish to plunge into a complex advertising shoot, the choice is yours. Moreover, booking a session doesn’t limit you to still images. Request stunning video footage of your products, color graded and delivered in 4K resolution for your social media profiles or online store.

One of the key benefits of a session-based product shoot over pay-per-image is that you receive all the images captured during your session.

You can ask for all, some, or none of them to be edited, depending on your requirements. Most often, these unedited shots look amazing, perfectly fit for platforms like Instagram.

In addition, session photography gives you access to images in RAW format, ideal for marketing agencies and anyone planning to use these images in designs and other marketing materials. With pay-per-image, purchasing these RAWs separately often costs as much as the image itself.

Now, you might have some questions about what booking a product shoot session entails. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Can I bring my own model?

Absolutely – session-based shoots offer flexibility in terms of the number of models you can use, regardless of whether you hire them from us or bring your own. However, bear in mind that if your model isn’t a professional, it might not necessarily be a cost-saving measure. Amateur models could require significantly more time and effort to capture successful images, possibly leading to additional costs in the end. A professional typically needs only a couple of attempts to deliver an excellent photo, while an inexperienced model might require numerous shots to achieve a single worthy image.

Commercial Ecoflow electronic product photoshoot on a dark grey background by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Professional cosmetics red color mascara gif shoot by Isa Aydin
Commercial creative skin care product shoot with sand by Isa Aydin NJ NY LA
Model wearing a makeup for product photography. Shot by photographer Isa Aydin LA NJ NY

How many images will I receive?

The number of images you get depends on your needs and the nature of the shoot. If you’ve booked a day-long session for white background images, you could receive 150-200 images. For fashion shoots, you could get 500-600 shots. However, this significantly depends on factors such as product complexity, whether the product has reflections, needs assembly, requires specific mounts, or needs to be cleaned or steamed prior to the shoot.

What is included in the session?

Each session includes the photographer, the studio, all equipment, color backgrounds, props, photo and video cameras, lighting, and a photo assistant to help the photographer.

Can I obtain a video?

Absolutely! Our professional cinema cameras shoot 8K raw footage. All videos are delivered to you in 4K and color-graded or 8K RAW format. You decide the format of the delivery!

Is editing included?

In brief, the answer is NO; the cost of editing is not included in the session fee. The final number of images generated can be unpredictable, making it challenging to incorporate the cost of editing into a predetermined price. For instance, if you schedule a full-day fashion shoot with 50 looks, it could yield up to 500 usable images. The editing effort and time for 50 shots greatly differ from editing 500 images, thus reflecting in the final costs.

Can I shoot photos and videos at the same time?

Certainly, you have the freedom to acquire both photo and video content within the same session. However, bear in mind that transitioning the setup from photography to videography, which includes adjusting the lighting and camera settings, may consume approximately an hour of your scheduled session

Is it possible to create Animated GIFs or stop-motion videos during the session?

Absolutely – We are equipped to create Animated GIFs or stop-motion videos as part of our services. These can be prepared during your session. However, keep in mind that the editing cost for these GIFs or videos is separate and will be billed after the session. Alternatively, you have the option to handle the editing yourself.

Can I book this session for on-location shoots?

Yes, these sessions can be booked for location shoots as well. We do not charge transportation fees within 15 mi of our studio if the location has proper elevators and assigned parking spots.

This service is an ideal choice for sellers and manufacturers seeking to create compelling visual content, including product demo videos, for their products. Regardless of the product category, be it technology, household, kitchen, or beauty, our service covers it all.

Embracing various styles and photography types, we offer limitless possibilities for both images and videos. Whether you desire e-commerce images featuring a clean white background, lifestyle images or captivating advertising visuals for commercials, online ads, viral videos, or product demo videos, we’ve got you covered. Take it a step further by hiring talented professionals, such as chefs, food stylists, celebrities, makeup artists, nail artists, hairstylists, or set designers, to elevate the quality and impact of your advertising campaigns. With every session time you purchase, our dedicated team works under your direction, ensuring the creation of tailored content that effectively showcases your products.

Need assistance in creating a shoot brief? We’re here to help. Unleash the power of both visual images and engaging videos to take your advertising to the next level. Elevate the quality and impact of your advertising campaigns with our comprehensive visual content production solutions.

Set your brand apart with our revolutionary approach to product photography, unrivaled in its dedication to color accuracy and masterful lighting. Unlike other studios, we commit to exceptional standards, utilizing premium, Swedish-crafted Hasselblad cameras, renowned for their impeccable image reproduction.

Every image we create is illuminated by the world’s most color-accurate lighting systems from Broncolor, Switzerland’s finest producer of commercial photography equipment. This guarantees that your product’s color and details are portrayed in the most faithful and striking manner.

Further enhancing our commitment to color precision, we meticulously calibrate our monitors weekly. This ensures your customers experience your product as intended, eliminating discrepancies in color representation, and minimizing product returns.

Our editors, meticulously trained by us over the past 15 years, have honed their skills to create stunning and accurate visuals. This is of paramount importance, particularly for beauty and fashion products.
Choose us to bring your products to life in a way that is authentic, consistent, and captivating, making them not only seen but desired.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, Yes! We have the best eCommerce platform. Once you request a quote, you will receive a link to place the order. You will see all prices and can place the order online.

In case you need the products back, select the corresponding option during the checkout and include the return shipping label with the products when shipping to us. Products must be picked up within 3 business days after the photoshoot is complete.

Yes, all images are delivered in maximum resolution after crop.

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. You can pay online during checkout via Stripe processor or by paying the online invoice via Quickbooks Payment System. We accept checks by mail, Zelle, and ACH.

Yes, it does. All prices are final. We do not charge any sales tax since we are providing only service and do not provide any tangible goods. You are receiving the final images digitally.

We are confident that you’ll love our photography & video services. We will do our best to fix any issues and in the unlikely event that we can’t fix it, we will take care of it as stated in our refund policy Section 3.1.

We have three studios, in New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. All studios are equipped with high precision Broncolor lighting systems and medium format cameras for the best quality. Studios are designed for various needs and locations. Our photographers will pick the studio that best meets your requirements. You can ship your products to our studios FREE of charge using our prepaid shipping labels.

Yes, you can drop off or ship products yourself. Alternatively, you can ship your goods to our studios FREE of charge using our prepaid shipping labels if the order exceeds $500. We also, offer discounted shipping labels via FedEx and UPS.