I am always on the lookout for talent – whether you’re a new and promising model or an established professional, you might be what I’m looking for. Modelmayhem.com is a great site because its search feature lets you look for models based on experience and location, as well as other criteria. You probably already have an account there – if you don’t, one of the tips for models is get one. I have a photographer’s account there that I use all the time.

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Some more tips for models

Sometimes even the old trick of practicing in front of a mirror can be a great way of getting your poses down perfect. That is really the hardest part of modeling – being able to pose and pretend and mimic. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience. In the end that practice will make perfect.

  • Search for shots and poses online or in magazines. See and study what other models do. Sometimes I even send my models poses before the shoot begins so they will know exactly what I need.

  • Get confident. A huge part of modeling is simply feeling great in your own skin. It takes time, but it will make you a great model.

Coming to your first photoshoot with a new photographer can be intimidating. It’s even harder if you’re only just starting your modeling career. Here are eight tips from me, an established professional photographer, on how you can ace that first photoshoot.

Main Tips for Models

  • Before coming to the photoshoot, provide the photographer with your measurements and digitals (shots on white background from all angles).

  • Get relaxed and get in the mood to model. Sometimes I use tempo music at the shoot. Try not to drink or have a heavy meal before the shoot – it can make you groggy, and that’s the last thing a model needs.

  • Practice your poses. Get a friend to take pictures with a phone – that gives you two kinds of feedback, the photos and your friend’s comments.

tips for models
  • Talk to your photographer. I know that when I meet models for the first time, I always take time to talk to them and get to know them a little. Talking sets up trust between the photographer and the model.

  • Feel free to make your own suggestions to the photographer, and since he’s the one calling the shots, it’s easier for a model to get her idea heard.

  • Take good care of yourself and your appearance. Make sure your skin is clear and moisturized. If you do makeup yourself pluck or wax your eyebrows. Get your make-up just right. Or if you’re working with ISA AYDIN Commercial Product Photography, most probably we will take your of your makeup and hair ourselves. Just sit and relax. That’s what modeling is all about.

If you follow these eight tips for models, you will do just fine. Just remember to keep calm and keep modeling!