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We offer social media video production at our dedicated photography and videography studio.

Just about everyone in the world utilizes social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedInand many more. The reach of these social media networks is so pervasive that most businesses realise the importance of quality social media marketing — videos, in particular, are key to quality customer engagement. 

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19:21 18 Mar 20
Wonderful experience from start to finish. We got professional photos and an Amazon quality how to video made and not only were they done extremely professionally, me and my team also had a lot of fun being involved in the process. Exactly what we were looking for. Highly communicative and highly recommended!
18:17 11 Mar 20
Quick, professional in a reasonable price, know what they are doing. P.S. I have used them to take prof photos for item i want to sell online.
14:59 04 Dec 19
Isa and Francy were so great to work with. They both took the time to listen to my vision and delivered photos that exceeded my expectations! They were also very accommodating when I decided to add another photo last minute. Overall fantastic experience from start to finish..I will most definitely return for future projects!

Our New Jersey-based team is a dedicated photography and videography studio with in-house marketing experts. We help businesses create high-quality, interesting, and fun social media videos. Are your business’ social channels lacking oomph? Or do you struggle to really engage with your followers?  

A series of targeted social media videos could be just what you need to take your social channels from boring to brilliant.

What are social media videos?

The name says it all really, these videos are short media clips specifically designed to be shared on social media networks. Their purposes are diverse and include boosting customer engagement, turning prospects into buyers, selling items, and entertaining your clientele.  

When used correctly, and when well-produced by a reputable media producer with proven results, social media videos are one of the most powerful ways in which businesses can communicate with audiences.  

The best bit is that social media clips can be shared on your other marketing channels, including as website videosYouTube videos and just about anywhere you’d like to share them! 

Why social media videos are important for business marketing

Often short but punchy, social media videos boost your brand’s online presence in a fun and authentic way. Did you know that social media clips are specially designed for the interactive networks they will be posted to? The beginnings of these videos are crafted in such a way that viewers want to stay engaged.  

We format our social media videos so that they are optimised for mobile and web viewing, meaning all viewers and prospects can enjoy your high-quality messages.  

Here’s an important fact: social media videos generate a whopping 1200 percent more shares than written and image based content put together. And when user share your message or otherwise engage with it, their friends and followers are exposed to your brand too. 

Likes, comments, and shares: engagement matters

Social media channels have really provided a boon to savvy business owners who have valuable messages to share with their clientele. Because of the nature of social media, algorithms note which posts users engage with and feed that info back to that user’s own social network. 

Each time a user likes, comments, or shares on one of your social media videos, your brand gains organic, free outreach. And that’s certainly something to cheer about, in our opinion! 

However, it’s important to keep your social media content light and digestible–people use social media to be entertained and to connect, not to be bogged down by ads. 

What makes a good social media video?

Good social media videos are fun and entertaining, not overtly sales focused. As people are now exposed to more ads than ever before thanks to the advent of newer technologies, ad fatigue is a very real concern. 

The trick is to get your message across and expose consumers to your brand without hard sales techniques or hackneyed expressions. 

Instead, use your social media clips to humanize your business and staff, show off your fun side, and subtly build brand awareness.  

YouTube video creation and production

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular social sharing platforms. With well over 1.8 billion users per month, not having a proper presence on this platform could be doing your business some serious harm. 

Our production team helps businesses like yours create sharable, engaging, and targeted YouTube videos. We produce YouTube videos that not only help you sell your goods and services but also communicate with your desired audience.  

Our in-house marketing experts know what kind of content works on YouTube and what doesn’t. To stand out from the competition in New Jersey and New York, you need authentic YouTube videos that speak directly to the people you want to talk to.  

Whether you want to create YouTube videos, website videos, or a series of social media videoswe are here to help. Our team of experienced videographers in New Jersey have the know-how needed to take your engagement levels from zero to hero.