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Creative Lifestyle images are a great way to showcase your products in different environments. Creative images can be made on a variety of textured backgrounds like marble, wood, or color backgrounds together with different props.

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Creative lifestyle images are a great way to showcase your products in different environments. Creative images can be photographed on a variety of textured backgrounds like marble, wood, color backgrounds together with different props.

  • Good for eCommerce, Amazon, Digital Catalogues and Printing
  • Creative and Advanced Lighting Techniques (Up to 7 light sources used)
  • Editing Included.
  • Creative Shadows and Highlights
  • High Resolution
  • We have different props and backgrounds accumulated in our studio over the years. But if there is something needed that we don’t have, the client needs to provide them or reimburse the expense for the purchase of the prop.

What is this good for:

  1. Showcase the products in various setups. (For example: If you are selling a keyboard that needs to be shot before the computer with a model)
  2. If you need a high-end product image. (For example, if you are selling a product that needs to be shot in a more professional way that will be used as a hero or a commercial shot.)


Note: We love clients to be present during the photoshoot or via live stream. It helps us ensure we are aligned with your marketing strategy. But we operate under time constraints because we get a lot of orders every day. After technical preparations for photo sessions, we provide an extra 15 minutes per image for the client to try out different ideas, which is more than enough in most cases. Occasionally a client requests more time to decide, consult their manager or ask for a friend’s opinion. To accommodate this, we charge clients wishing extra time a small additional fee of $25 per 15 minutes.


  • Limited to simple creative shots (max time 30 minutes per image)
  • No suspended-in-the-air effects
  • No focus or exposure bracketing
  • No freezing or smoke effects
  • No liquid splash or underwater effects

If you need any of the images listed in the limitations sections please contact us for a custom quote.


*We deliver images with basic editing the next morning. All images will be cropped, resized, color adjusted, and ready to post. The professionally edited version will be delivered within 3-5 business days unless otherwise agreed.

3 reviews for Creative Lifestyle Images

  1. Avatar for Brendon Shmilinski
    5 out of 5

    Brendon Shmilinski Verified Purchase

    I was looking for a photographer for a long time who would have his own vision and could help us with creative photography for our CDB product line. I found this studio on google and placed the online order. Despite their great portfolio, I was very skeptical in the beginning since I never saw any photo studio which would allow to place an online order like they do. But they exceeded my expectations! The overall process was just as smooth as promised. I shipped my products for free, gave my instructions and received my images in 3 days. They had followed all our website requirements and delivered amazing and most importantly creative images that I was expecting. They have huge stock of amazing props which made it very easy for us. I will definitely place my next order here when I receive new products.

  2. Avatar for Richard
    5 out of 5

    Richard Verified Purchase

    I was looking to take some images for my Instagram ecommerce store. In the beginning I thought there is no way these guys are going to spend all that time styling my product, choosing props and backgrounds for this price since they are charging per image. I was mistaken! They really spent hours working on my images and delivered unbelievable work. My conversions gone up! I am recommending it!

  3. Avatar for Morris
    5 out of 5

    Morris Verified Purchase

    Creative and in style!

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