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Creative cosmetics images are an excellent way to show your cosmetic products in a lifestyle setting and create a mood. This significantly increases the attention and exposure of your listings.

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Creative Cosmetics lifestyle images are a powerful way to advertise your beauty products in various lifestyle settings. Creative cosmetics images can be shot on various textured backgrounds like colored papers, wood, stones, and other backdrops together with different props. We also use a state-of-the-art projection modifier for projecting fine lines, patterns, gobos, and slides on surfaces and objects

    • Good for eCommerce and Printing
    • Creative and Advanced Lighting Techniques (Up to 9 light sources used)
    • Projector with Gobos for creative backgrounds
    • Advanced editing
    • High Resolution (Up to 5000px)
    • Can be used for outdoors (or other location) if more than 10 images per location/scene are purchased

What is this good for:

  1. Showcase beauty products on various backgrounds ( wood, marble, colored background, etc)
  2. Texture and swatches with products
  3. Photographing products with props
  4. For location shoots. ex. Shots of beauty products in the bathroom in a remote location


This service does not include fees for props. The client needs to provide them or reimburse the expense for the purchase of the accessories. A separate invoice will be sent to you once we purchase the props.

We have different props and backgrounds (except colored paper) accumulated in our studio over the years which might be used free of charge.



  • Limited to simple creative shots (max time 30 minutes per image)
  • No suspended in the air effects
  • No focus or exposure bracketing
  • No freezing or smoke effects
  • No liquid splash or underwater effects

If you need any of the images listed in the limitations sections please contact us for a custom quote.

2 reviews for Creative Cosmetics Shots

  1. Avatar for Sara Magnoli
    5 out of 5

    Sara Magnoli Verified Purchase

    I was looking for outstanding photos for my new lipsticks release and honestly the finals pictures are just stunning. What a creative and detailed people to work with.

  2. Avatar for Yankee
    5 out of 5

    Yankee Verified Purchase

    I was speechless when I received my images. I am 10 years in this business and worked with various photographers. But not a single time I received images without requesting any revision or reshooting. I received 110 images and all were simply outstanding.

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