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It’s no secret, selling online is a competitive game. If you’re selling a popular product, such as shoes, the competition is even stiffer. To stay a step ahead of the pack, top quality shoe product photography is a must.


19:21 18 Mar 20
Wonderful experience from start to finish. We got professional photos and an Amazon quality how to video made and not only were they done extremely professionally, me and my team also had a lot of fun being involved in the process. Exactly what we were looking for. Highly communicative and highly recommended!
18:17 11 Mar 20
Quick, professional in a reasonable price, know what they are doing. P.S. I have used them to take prof photos for item i want to sell online.
14:59 04 Dec 19
Isa and Francy were so great to work with. They both took the time to listen to my vision and delivered photos that exceeded my expectations! They were also very accommodating when I decided to add another photo last minute. Overall fantastic experience from start to finish..I will most definitely return for future projects!

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward With Shoe Photography

Did you know that much research has shown that customers are more inclined to buy when images are high resolution and professionally produced? To showcase your products in their best light and boost your sales, ISA AYDIN is available for shoe and product photography.

We know that your product is special and unique, we also know that a picture tells a thousand words. Because of this, we aim to highlight your shoes and high heels with photography that speaks to and best displays their uniqueness. Here are a few of the ways we do that.

Shoe photography on a white background

Footwear is part of the fashion industry and many pairs of shoes and high heels come with a luxury price tag. To make sure your shoes are the star of the show, a white background is the perfect starting point.

White also has additional benefits. The true color of your shoes will show and pesky shadows that distract buyers are further eliminated. In post-production stages, you will also have the option of adjusting the background color to suit any specific marketing campaigns.

Once you have a stock of solid, traditional shoe photography images on a white background, the sky is the limit. Shoes do well in more editorial style photographs, too. ISA AYDIN can help your vision come to life, just let us know what you want to evoke and we’ll do the rest.

Shoe photography with models

Top-level shoe photography can be completed with or without models, and there are certainly arguments for each camp. We suggest a mix of both to showcase your products in a more versatile light.

That said, models are not an absolute must and if you’re watching your budget closely, your shoe photography images can shine without the addition of feet! ISA AYDIN will make sure that the shoes are photographed while shaped properly and looking their best. Floppy boots and slack-looking heels do not translate well into images. We take the time to get the shoes looking as they would if they were being worn.

Working with models bring a new level to your shoe photography. We can generate creative images that sell customers not just the shoes, but the idea of the lifestyle that goes along with the shoes. If you want to suggest, for instance, that a certain pair of high heels are fun and flirty, we can make images to match. Or perhaps you want to convey how rugged and sturdy a pair of men’s boots are. Imagination is everything and we can help you tap into those of your customers.

ISA AYDIN Commercial Product Photography is your one-stop-shop for all your commercial and product photography needs. Excellent shoe photography is key to excellent shoe sales and we can help you achieve your goals and keep your best foot forward. To find out more, please get in touch with us today.

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