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Food Photography

For restaurants and food vendors, promotional food photography show customers how tantalizing and appetizing their food is. Grabbing consumers’ attention is crucial if you want them to buy your products. For that, photographs must be done professionally, with the right light and angle. The major part of work also comes after photos are taken and that involves correct editing and retouching, making the images look live. Only then, can photos be great marketing pieces.

We provide food styling to make the images memorable. Read on to find out more about our food photography in New Jersey.

Product Packaging

If you sell food or drink, you must have an excellent range of photos that show both the product and its packaging.

Product packaging should showcase the food or drink with great clarity – the food should be clear and detailed. Moreover, the photograph should only show the product itself – other detail and props are generally unnecessary.

Anything relating to the detail of the food item should be clear also – this could include the color and number of items. Compared with food images for menus and websites, product packaging photography is quite different. The aim is to encourage customers to desire to buy and eat these products.

Food Photography and Promotional Shots for Food Establishments

Establishments like restaurants, cafes, and bakeries need promotional shots. Customers want to look at the décor and styling of an eatery beforehand. Furthermore, customers want images of the type of delicious food and drink they can expect.

Promotional shots are therefore hugely important. They portray your business in a positive light. Moreover, they can be used on a myriad of platforms including social media, digital advertisements, brochures, and business websites. To ensure your promotional shots look amazing, we accommodate creativity and can provide a brilliant array of props to enhance your products.

Food Photography for Menus and Websites

Aside from promotional shots, food images are essential for creating beautiful menus and enticing websites.

Providing accurate representation of your food on menus is vital, especially if you have international customers. For example, items from your menu may not be well-known by name – customers can, therefore, look at the amazing photos and understand what they can eat.

Moreover, tantalizing food photography for your website allows customers to sample your menu before they even step foot in your establishment. We work with your business to produce a set of astounding photos suitable for both menus and websites – we can also bring props for extra creativity.

Styling and Creativity are Hugely Important

When creating food photography, the positioning and styling of the item are absolutely vital. How you position the food can completely alter a photo and the customer’s perception. Styling food images is extremely fun – it requires attention to detail, a systematic approach, but also imagination.

We have these skills and know exactly how to set up your food so that it looks appealing and appetizing. Moreover, we understand how to make food look clean, fresh, and mouthwatering, which is essential to promote your services or establishment

If you are looking for food photography in New Jersey, do contact us now. We would be more than happy to listen to your specific needs, desires and wishes and do exactly what you want.