Today, I want to share with you, my new aerial videography experience that I had a couple of days ago.

DJI Phantom 4 and all needed  preparations

Mainly I use Phantom 4 for my shootings, but I also, use my DJI Phantom 2 to practice in the area before beginning shooting. So I charged them both, including remote controllers and iPad. Formatted SD cards, checked for updates and packed them in my bag.

Arrived at Edgewater, NJ

Taking Off

Shawn, almost every time likes to take-off first, as he doesn’t like to go thru long procedures like compass calibration, checking for existing interference and gimbal leveling. He just pushes all the way up )), but I have to mention that he is really good at flying and is very experienced.

After spending one whole battery flying around the old boat, we moved closer to GW Bridge to make some beautiful shots around it.

Private properties and FAA regulation

We have to keep in mind current regulations and real situation that there are a lot of heliports and flying helicopters around. So we first checked it out on a B4U Fly app, which was created by FAA and there were no airports and just heliports. So, that means there is nobody to notify, and the only thing we have to keep in mind is to yield to heliport traffic.


FAA regulations: 

(c) Not fly higher than approximately 400 feet above ground level within three (3) miles of an airport without notifying the airport operator.

(d) Not interfere with operations and traffic patterns at any airport, heliport or seaplane base except where there is a mixed use agreement.


Also, to be on a safe side we have to fly above 83ft and below 400ft.

Why above 83ft? It is considered to belong to the owner of the property on the ground. So if you fly under 83ft you are considered trespassing someone’s property. Why below 400ft? This is regulation set by FAA, it is prohibited to fly above this altitude.

Hawk attacks

Hawks were flying above my drone and tried to attack several times. It is a big problem for the drone. Cause drone would immediately lose its props and will be drowned in the Hudson River. I had to be careful with them also, but thanks to Phantom 4’s Sports mode, which let me escape in this kind of situations ))


Finally, after dealing with all challenges I was able to capture my aerial footage.

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