Khojaly The Untold Story Trailer

Khojaly: The Untold Story" addresses a time in history that some wish never occurred.

No event in the modern history of Azerbaijan matches the drama of Khojaly. More than twenty years later, it still continues to stir deepest emotions. And properly so. Over six hun­dred innocent civilians, including women and children, were killed on February 26, 1992 while fleeing for their lives. The film charts the re­actions and personal testimonies of some of the world's well-known politicians, diplomats and scholars who witnessed one of the greatest tragedies in the history of post-Soviet Azerbaijan. It was one the most devastating acts of violence of all time. As in­terviews reveal, the Khojaly turned out to be a turning point in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It set the two countries on the road to a war that cost twenty thousand lives.

The filming crew travels to the USA

The filming crew travels to the USA to examine the impact of Khojaly mas­sacre. Even today it is a source of tension between the Turkic and Ar­menian communities of the States. The crew explores the motivation for, and the legacy of Khojaly tragedy. Interviews starkly convey the realities of the massacre. The film also illustrates the shock felt in the West when atrocities were finally revealed years later.

Director: ISA AYDIN


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