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We offer explainer video production at our dedicated photography and videography studio.

An explainer video is a short video that provides a concise synopsis of your business. No matter what kind of business you run — be it service-oriented or product-oriented — you should be able to wrap up your company in a single two-minute video.

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19:21 18 Mar 20
Wonderful experience from start to finish. We got professional photos and an Amazon quality how to video made and not only were they done extremely professionally, me and my team also had a lot of fun being involved in the process. Exactly what we were looking for. Highly communicative and highly recommended!
18:17 11 Mar 20
Quick, professional in a reasonable price, know what they are doing. P.S. I have used them to take prof photos for item i want to sell online.
14:59 04 Dec 19
Isa and Francy were so great to work with. They both took the time to listen to my vision and delivered photos that exceeded my expectations! They were also very accommodating when I decided to add another photo last minute. Overall fantastic experience from start to finish..I will most definitely return for future projects!

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Once you have an explainer video, place it on your homepage and make it readily available on any of your social media pages. Customers tend to stay away from businesses they don’t fully understand and can’t neatly place into a category. Clearly stating how your business works and how it can help the viewer can do wonders for your business’ growth and goals.

Our team of experienced and professional videographers produce explainer videos that convert viewers into customers. Here’s what your new explainer video should cover.

What should explainer videos include?

These videos may also be called homepage videos, overview videos, or conversion videos. These videos should always be short, straight-to-the-point, and engaging. A good explainer video will generally cover four main points:

  • The problem: You want your viewer to immediately identify with the problem your business can solve.
  • The solution: Don’t leave your viewer guessing what might help solve their issue — provide them with a solution they can use.
  • Your business’ features and benefits: Lay out all the good your business can do for your viewers.
  • How your business ties into the previously mentioned solution: This is where you tie your presentation together, showing how the features and benefits of your business can provide your clients with the solution to the problem they’ve been facing.

Your explainer video can be traditional or highly stylized. Many companies choose animated explainer videos. Animated videos can cut down on costs and have a quick turn-around time.

Just make sure your instructional video leaves your audience knowing exactly where your business stands and achieves the above goals.

Do you really need an explainer video?

You’re likely working within a finite budget and may be wondering if the expense of an explainer video is really worth it. The short answer is yes, you really do need this kind of video and it really is worth it.

Explainer videos give you a great opportunity to begin branding your company. The style and script you go with should be highly representative of your brand. Choose to use language and images consistently throughout all of your platforms (including your marketing materials, webpage, social media pages, and tutorial videos) so your business can have immediate brand recognition.

These visual and auditory clues for your audience can lead to more sales while building ongoing relationships and trust with your current and future customers.

Another benefit of using a video-based explanation of your business? It’s a great alternative for those viewers who are mindlessly scrolling. They may not be interested in reading an “About Us” blurb but are more than willing to sit through an entertaining video.

This is especially the case if your viewer hasn’t been actively looking for your business or product, but happens to stumble across the video. They may find they have more of a need for your business than they’d previously needed.

You’ll also find this style of tutorial video is highly shareable. In the right hands, a well-done explainer video can easily become a viral sensation, giving your business the limelight it deserves.

Choosing our professionals for your next explainer video

When it’s time to settle on a professional to make your new video, you don’t want to cut any corners.

After all, this video is going to represent your business. You want the final result to look polished, to contain all the pertinent information it needs. You also want to pull in your audience and make them new clients. A great quality explainer video can do all of that and more, and our experienced staff can help you achieve that.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and your goals to put together a custom plan that suits your needs. Your individual business needs and goals will help dictate what your video will look like. We can talk with you about your future target, providing you with an affordable and professional explainer video.