Customer Testimonial Videos

We offer customer testimonial video production at our dedicated photography and videography studio.

Testimonial videos are your customers speaking directly to potential customers about their personal experience with you and your business. These videos are filmed like a natural conversation — as if you’re sitting down and chatting with a friend. They’re informal and work to create an immediate rapport with the viewer. 

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Maria GarciaMaria Garcia
02:55 21 Oct 22
We loved working with Isa and his team! Very pleased with the results of the photoshoot.Looking forward for the future projects! Highly recommended!!!
Shawn WoodShawn Wood
16:10 20 Sep 22
Isa Aydin and Francy does great work and has A1 Customer Service.Will be using them again for my small business pictures.
anthony fernandezanthony fernandez
20:20 17 Aug 22
Excellent customer service! I recently had photos taken for my Amazon product listing and they came out excellent! I highly recommend ISA AYDIN for product photos. Francy, who helped me through the entire process was very patient and asked me very detailed questions so I can get the best quality photos to match my ideas. I will definitely continue to use them for future product photos and projects.
damiano senatoredamiano senatore
14:05 14 Jul 22
I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks for Isa Aydin & Co for their consistent professionalism , flexibility and creativity.We started by simply seeking out product photography and , their expertise and guidance, ended with Beautiful images that could be used as works of art.The team’s patience and understanding is comforting and reassuring and bolstered by their masterful skills.I would recommend this business to any and everyone who is seeking out commercial product photography and look forward to being able to work together again soon.
Paris San DiegoParis San Diego
04:54 10 Sep 21
Just have to say what a great decision it was to hire ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY for my product photos. They far exceeded my expectations and best of all, Isa and Francy were very knowledgeable and provided great suggestions on what to do, which kept me from making big decision mistakes. When you feel comfortable with the people you're trusting your products with, it's one less thing you have to worry about as a business owner and all you have to do is sit back and relax in anticipation of the finished images, which came out so good that it makes me want to buy my own product. Additionally, my original plan included bringing one of my own models but when she backed out last minute, Francy stepped in and it worked out even better as planned as she should've been the first choice to begin with. With the product about to launch, I can't wait to come back for the second campaign, which will include videos and then again after that for a new product launch. If you're still reading this review, which you should be, what are you waiting for? Call them now. Unless you have a competing product to mine. In that case, please go and hire a really bad photographer. :)

Running a successful business means doing two things: connecting with your audience and providing the service you promise. If you have the second piece down but struggle with the first, you may be interested in better engaging with your prospects through customer testimonial videos.  

Our Jersey-based video production serves entire New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, New York.

If you’ve been on the fence about using customer testimonials, there’s no reason to keep putting it off. With our video production team in New Jersey at the wheel, you can be assured that your final product will be exceptional — while also being affordable.  

What are customer testimonial videos?

While reviews and recommendations can be great for getting some traction, customer testimonials provide your future clients with this important opportunity to connect with another person. These testimonials can be as persuasive as a recommendation from a trusted friend. As a bonus, it will be easier to reach the segment of your audience who don’t read reviews but will watch a video. 

Customer testimonial video production

A successful customer testimonial should be more than just your customer singing your praise. You want your potential clients to really connect with your existing customer base. This means having your customers relate their frustrations prior to working with you. 

You want your customer testimonials to reflect their initial issue and let them talk about what hadn’t worked for them. Chances are the audience will have had a similar experience. When they hear and see other people who have been in the same spot they’re in — and found the solution through the use of your company — you’re one step closer to having a new customer.  

In addition to having your customers talk about their problem and their positive experience working with you, your video should include plenty of footage of the product or service in action. This enables your testimonial video to also function as a product video. Even if your viewer doesn’t drop in for the product video you have, they’ll get to see your business in action. 

How to use customer testimonials

They are great for home pages. You’ll also find they’re easier to use for advertising than product review videos. These videos catch a scroller’s attention, and a good customer testimonial can easily gain traction on social media. 

Once you have your testimonial video in-hand and published on the internet, you can also use software to help track its effectiveness. This can give you a better idea of how well your target audience is receiving your product and video. It can even help you decide how to grow your business in the future.  

What goes into our customer testimonial video?

Not all customer testimonial videos are created equally. That’s one reason why going with a top-quality production company like Isa Aydin Photography is in your (and your business’) best interest.  

Our experienced team of top-level professionals have access to proper equipment and possess the previous project experience needed to ensure your final product is everything it should be. When you work with us to create your customer testimonial video, you’ll find your final product had the following: 

  • An easy-to-follow problem and solution arc that shows your business in its best light. 
  • Customer-focused filming that doesn’t feel promotional. 
  • Unscripted, natural conversations with your authentic customers. 
  • High-quality, well-balanced footage that looks professional and “finished”. 

You’ll love the final product, and so will your future customers. Professional testimonial video production with our team can present your business in a polished and professional manner that connects with audiences and brings in greater business. It’s one more way you can set your business apart from all the others out there your audience has access to. 

Designing the right testimonial video for your business

We believe in creating the perfect custom plan for all of its customers. Testimonial videos can be shot on-site or in-studio depending on your products and your business’ needs.  

Your video production timeline will vary, depending on your product and business needs. Contact us today to discuss exactly what you’re looking for. We will create a customer testimonial video plan that suits your business and your budget.